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Immersive Training Program

@ K9 ACRES & Co’s

Dog Boarding & Dog Training 

K9 Acres offers dog and puppy training for puppies or even older dogs that need training. It is imperative that once you bring home your new puppy or even for a dog that you have had for many years, that they have the foundation and skills to be a well-mannered dog. 

Puppies can start their training around the 10-week mark as this is a great time to create the foundations they require to be a well-mannered dog. It is very important just like humans that dogs have a routine, and this routine will help them decrease any added stress or anxiety.  

At K9 we teach your dog to learn commands and to be comfortable regardless of the setting. We stress the importance of being able to socialize with other dogs and we feel creating these social skills is a great first step in obedience training.


Results of Dog Board & Training 


  • Increased Focus

  • Responds to their name

  • Sits when prompted

  • Listens, when prompted to “put down” 

  • And more

Are you looking to get your dog to a comfortable level of obedience? 

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