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Statutory Holidays Minimum Stay & Premium

  • A three-day minimum stay is required for all booking over any long weekend / statutory holiday. 

  • A $20.00 (total) premium is applicable for all stays over long-weekends. 

  • A $60.00 (total) premium is applicable for all stays between December 25th and January 1st. 

  • Bookings of less than the minimum three-day stay will be subject to an additional $20.00 premium based on availability. 

Driving Rates:

  • The driving rate of$0.63 per kilometer per direction will apply (Calculated from 605 Catering Rd to the pick-up / drop-off location)

  • A driver rate of $27.00 per hour for the total duration will additionally apply. 

  • A premium may be added for all pick-ups and drop-offs requested on statutory holidays. 

  • An additional $20 will be charged for each additional dog.

Additional Food Purchase:

  • We encourage that you calculate and bring with you the required amount of food for your pet's stay with a day or two of extra. 

  • Should your pet run out of food while staying with us, a member of our team will pick-up the same brand of food from the pet store (to minimize any potential GI upsets).

  • The cost of food plus $20.00 will be added to your final bill. 

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